How it Works

Experience Seamless Communication with Leadexpert's Click-to-Call Widget

Are you ready to take your customer interactions to the next level? Leadexpert's click-to-call widget empowers you to engage with your website visitors in real-time, capturing leads and facilitating instant communication.

Discover how Leadexpert's click-to-call widget works and revolutionize your customer interactions.

On-Site Click-to-Call Functionality

Our click-to-call widget integrates right into your website. With one tap, visitors can call you, schedule a call, or leave a message - instantly connecting with you.

This convenient feature allows for immediate conversations, ensuring potential customers can reach you effortlessly. Real-time interaction builds rapport and shows you care about their needs.

Streamlined Lead Capture Process

To maximize our click-to-call widget, we require website visitors to input their phone number. Once submitted, we'll connect you with the lead within 30 seconds.

By fostering immediate conversations, you make strong first impressions that strengthen relationships and grow your business over time. Our solutions work seamlessly across devices so no lead goes missed.

Customizable Widget Design

We understand that branding and personalization are essential to your business. With Leadexpert's click-to-call widget, you have complete control over its appearance. Customize the widget's colors, position, and text to align with your brand identity seamlessly. The widget can be tailored to match your website's design, providing a cohesive user experience for your visitors.

Comprehensive Backend Dashboard

As the website owner, you gain access to Leadexpert's backend dashboard, which empowers you with valuable insights and management capabilities. Monitor the number of inbound calls generated through the widget, assign leads to your team members, and track their performance effortlessly. With our CRM view and intuitive dashboard, you can stay on top of your leads and optimize your sales processes effectively.

Outshine the Competition

At Leadexpert, we go beyond the standard click-to-call functionality. Our solution allows you to gain a competitive edge by leveraging cutting-edge features and industry best practices. By personalizing pop-ups, you can create appealing and engaging experiences for your visitors. Tailor captions, colors, backgrounds, and even incorporate CSS customization options to match your brand image perfectly.

Accelerate Response Times

In today's fast-paced business environment, speed matters. Leadexpert's click-to-call widget ensures that your customers are connected to the first available consultant promptly. With an average response time of just 28 seconds, you can impress your prospects and provide them with the immediate assistance they need. Group your consultants based on location, time zone, or other criteria to streamline your customer service operations effectively.

Capture Leads Anytime, Anywhere

Leadexpert works tirelessly to capture leads for you 24/7. Whether your site visitors want to schedule a call for a specific date or request a callback during your office hours, our click-to-call widget caters to their needs. By offering flexible communication options, you can ensure that potential customers have a convenient and efficient way to connect with your business.

Automated SMS Follow-ups

Take your customer engagement to the next level with Leadexpert's automated SMS follow-ups. After every call or pre-ordered call, you can send personalized SMS messages to your customers. Edit the SMS content and sender ID to leave a lasting impression and make your business memorable.

Optimized for All Devices

In today's mobile-centric world, accessibility is key. Leadexpert's click-to-call widget is designed to work seamlessly across all devices, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Regardless of the platform your visitors use, our widget adapts to the screen format and ensures consistent functionality, providing a frictionless experience for users.

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